Thursday, March 26, 2020

Writing to Change the World

The entire world has become unraveled.  In a matter of two weeks in our small corner of the gigantic globe, non-essential businesses have closed their doors in a dramatic effort to stop the spread of the deadly and infectious coronavirus.  Never in this generation’s lifetime has anyone witnessed something like it.  People who thought their jobs were secure learned otherwise.  Many are taking advantage of the financial institutions’ offer to defer loan payments up to six months.  In Saskatchewan, all crown utilities have implemented a bill-deferral program with zero-interest charges. Churches, recreation and entertainment facilities, and other services have been instructed to follow the strict guidelines to minimize contact with others.  The world has been told to “shut-down”.

This pandemic, declared by the World Health Organization on March 11th, has led to massive job layoffs and created fear.  Many people live with uncertainty. Some financial aid is forthcoming from the federal government to carry people through this crisis.  In the meantime, as in most calamities, everyone will look for ways to cut their spending as a result of reduced income. 

The role of financial planners is to assist their clients manage through the chaos. Eventually this scare will pass and life will return to a state of normalcy. When it does, the wise step would be to have a solid action plan. Most people know what they should do, but don’t. Hopefully, this unfortunate world crisis will cause us to see the importance of an emergency fund (or rather…a disaster fund). No one saw this coming; and no one would have expected this. But it’s true with any disaster. When you are prepared for an emergency (or disaster), you alleviate the pressure created by excessive worry.

All the writings shared at this website have been written with one purpose in mind.  That purpose is to help you fulfill your dreams while you manage money issues. The one major take away I gleaned from this pandemic is the importance of my family and friends.  They are an integral part of my life and they take priority over material things.  Today’s society has forced everyone to want more, be more, and have more.  That just doesn’t sound right considering what we all have witnessed on the world stage today.  Being safe and keeping my family safe is now top of mind.  I hope it’s on yours too.  Although the world outside our sphere appears to have become unraveled, let it not drastically affect our inner sphere.

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