Thursday, August 7, 2014

What Do You REALLY Want?

“What Do You Really Want?” There’s a GOOD reason to answer this question. 

Why? “If you have a clear vision you will eventually attract the right strategy.  If you don’t have a clear vision no strategy will save you.” – Mike Hyatt. 

The six main steps in the financial planning process illustrate the obvious.  Once you establish your relationship with a financial planner, the next crucial step to get you on the right track is to know what you want in life.  It’s difficult to figure the “How” when you don’t know the “What” and “When”.  An important part of your meeting with a financial planner will be discussing your goals, dreams and aspirations. It’s next to impossible to do any of the steps that follow unless your goals are confirmed.

I often share my CRAZY “Rocking Chair” exercise with clients.  Although this sounds hokey-pokey, something mystical happens in the process of writing your dreams. The flow of thoughts and ideas from your heart to your brain to the pen and on to paper allows your life to unfold before your eyes and become reality.  Believe me; this works.

The Rocking Chair Exercise

TAKE a brightly colored (8½”x11”) piece of paper.  {A boring, white sheet will not do; your favorite color works the best.}   

FOLD the paper four times until you are holding what looks like a 2”x2” square.  GET still and relax.  

IMAGINE you are 105 years old, sitting in a rocking chair at your nursing home and looking outdoors through the window. You have all your facilities--you are as smart as a whip. When you look through the window, you imagine watching a movie made of your life; you see all the things you said you wanted to do and you did it. You were not discouraged by believing: you were too old, too young or not educated.  You were not concerned about money or any obstacles that may stand in your path.   You said, “I want to do this; and you did!” 

NOW take and unfold your paper to its original size.  You see sixteen squares on the front and back.  Thirty-two spots to write your goals, dreams and aspirations. The ones you saw played in your movie.  Some may or may not involve money (i.e. learn to play bridge; write a book-the cost will be in the publishing; or winter vacations in Florida).  This exercise will not be completed in an hour or even one day.  This type of exercise takes time.  Keep your antenna up; see what others have done; if you like what you see, put it on YOUR list.

REMEMBER you must grasp the pen and write on paper.  Just thinking about your aspirations is not sufficient.  The MAGIC happens in the process of “DOING”.

THE CHALLENGE:  Write your goals, dreams and aspirations.  Once your list is complied, then it’s easier to take the next step. Distinguish your goals between urgent and important; and subdivided further as short, mid, and long term.  JUST SO HAPPENS worksheets are available to help with the process.  They’re yours for the asking.


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